Greyhound Scenicruiser Wiring Diagram – PD-4501 – Marmon Herrington – 03.14.1962

I haven’t had time to redraw this and clean it up, but for the most part it’s readable. This is the whole thing, pasted together, for quick reference: (Scroll down for printable pages) Printable Pages:

Greyhound Scenicruiser Engine Specifications (8v-71-n) – PD-4501 – Detroit Diesel – 03.22.1978

These numbers may not be exact for your bus, but they are typical of the 8v-71-n that the Scenicruiser was repowered with by Marmon Merrington beginning in 1961. Dyno Chart: Specifications Sheet:

The Integrated Energy System

When a sailor forsakes dockside shore power for the wild blue yonder of the cruising world, his vessel becomes a self-sufficient living environment. It has to produce whatever energy is required to operate the various electrical and electronic accessories aboard. This entails periodically recharging the ship’s storage batteries. Most sailors accomplish this by running the […]