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Welcome Aboard :)

Welcome to

I would really like images, video, stories, etc. to add to the site, so if you have any, or you would like to do an expose’ on your bus, by all means contact me and I’ll make it happen.

Please note that I *DO NOT* have any of the images from the now defunct sites, so if you have them, I would dearly love a copy.

I have added a tech section for articles that I find useful, I hope they help you as well. (submissions gladly accepted).

I have added a media section for old advertisements, brochures, etc. (submissions gladly accepted).

If you are an *owner* please tell me everything you’d like about your bus, and I will be happy to update your entry.

I am perfectly okay with you using your entry as a tech / photo / video / etc. archive if you like (I’m going to be doing that with my own pd-4501-864 as time permits)

Thank you,
-stone (pd-4501-864)

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