Pacific Greyhound Lines K-2353
Western Greyhound Lines P-2353
Western Greyhound Lines 8053

Status Unknown (Tyler, TX) Per Bus Historian. Mid-1980s.

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Pacific Greyhound Lines K-2352
Western Greyhound Lines P-2352
Western Greyhound Lines 8052

Musician’s Tour Bus
Owner: Barbara Fairchild, Nashville, TN

Accident, Researching Details, Date of Accident thought to be August 1980.

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Pacific Greyhound Lines K-2348
Western Greyhound Lines P-2348
Western Greyhound Lines 8048
Rollover Accident at Magoo Rock, California Highway 1
Pacific Coast Highway, January 21, 1964 @7:30pm
27 Passengers Injured. Operator Tony Wilson.
Missing Photos

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Pacific Greyhound Lines K-2347
Western Greyhound Lines P-2347
Western Greyhound Lines 8047

First Baptist Church (Springdale, AR)
Missing Photo: Photo at unknown location. June 1979.

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Eastern Greyhound Lines E-5638
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4511

Young Life (Buena Vista, CO)
Purchased as one of 6 units directly from Greyhound.
Green and White livery, as shown in PD4501-687.

West Valley Charters 1053

Gold Coast Tours

Church Transport Coach
Owner: Missionary Baptist, Location unknown

Sold to Private Party
Owner unknown

Currently Used as Parts Bus
Owner: Coach Maintenance, Williams, California

Missing Photo: Location of photo shoot unknown. Not Williams, CA

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