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pd-4501-598 - 2015.10.16
pd-4501-661 - 2015.09.19
pd-4501-905 - 2014.06.04
pd-4501-839 - 2015.09.09
pd-4501-597 - 2014.05.17
pd-4501-884 - 2014.03.23
pd-4501-350 - 2014.03.16
pd-4501-097 - updating
pd-4501-582 - updating
pd-4501-804 - 2014.03.14
pd-4501-372 - 2014.03.11
pd-4501-598 - 2013.12.22
pd-4501-858 - 2013.12.20
pd-4501-791 - 2013.04.10
pd-4501-025 - 2013.03.23
pd-4501-500 - updating
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pd-4501-069 - 2013.03.23
pd-4501-059 - 2013.03.23
pd-4501-111 - 2013.03.22
pd-4501-570 - 2013.02.14
pd-4501-693 - 2013.02.14
pd-4501-074 - 2013.02.12
pd-4501-642 - 2013.02.10
pd-4501-646 - 2013.02.08



Overland Greyhound Lines O-1778
Northland Greyhound Lines N-1778
Central Greyhound Lines C-1778
Central Southwestern C-1483
Central Greyhound Lines 1483

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Overland Greyhound Lines O-1777
Western Greyhound Lines P-2374
Western Greyhound Lines 8153

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Overland Greyhound Lines O-1776
Western Greyhound Lines P-2373
Western Greyhound Lines 8152

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Overland Greyhound Lines O-1775
Western Greyhound Lines P-2372
Western Greyhound Lines 8151

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Overland Greyhound Lines O-1774
Western Greyhound Lines P-2371
Western Greyhound Lines 8150

Motor Home Conversion?
Owners reported to be Rick and Becky Domke.
Info from public site. No more known.

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Overland Greyhound Lines O-1773
Western Greyhound Lines P-2370
Western Greyhound Lines 8149

Preserved by Private Party
Owner: Andy Henderson, Weedsport, New York
Photo taken Spring 2000 at Peoria, IL (Owner unk.) image missing

Restoration in Progress
Owner: Tom McNally, Peoria, Illinois
Restoring as Seated Coach 53-2169
Tom McNally also owns pd-4501-713.

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Overland Greyhound Lines O-1772
Northland Greyhound Lines N-1772
Central Greyhound Lines C-1772
Central Southwestern C-1482
Central Greyhound Lines 1482

Reportedly Still Out There

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Overland Greyhound Lines O-1771
Northland Greyhound Lines N-1771
Central Greyhound Lines C-1771
Central Southwestern C-1481
Central Greyhound Lines 1481

This bus was used by Corgi for the "Chicago Express" diecast Gold Stripe livery, 1/50 scale Corgi Model 54406.

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Overland Greyhound Lines O-1770
Northland Greyhound Lines N-1770
Central Greyhound Lines C-1770
Central Southwestern C-1480
Central Greyhound Lines 1480

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Overland Greyhound Lines O-1769
Northland Greyhound Lines N-1769
Central Greyhound Lines C-1769
Central Southwestern C-1479
Central Greyhound Lines 1479

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