Pacific Greyhound Lines K2326
Western Greyhound Lines P-2326
Western Greyhound Lines 8026

Commuter Coach Lines, Santa Cruz, CA
Livery and company info discovered at paint stripping prior to scrapping.
Unknown if Commuter Coach was owner before or after West Valley Charters.

West Valley Charters 1055

Gold Coast Tours 1055

Bus was still in Gold Coast livery at time of 2005 scrap

Confirmed Scrapped (2005) Coach Maintenance, Williams, CA

Note: my records show that pd-4501-637 was scrapped at this location in 2004.
(real? or transposed digits?)

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Pacific Greyhound Lines K2323
Western Greyhound Lines P-2323
Western Greyhound Lines 8023

Restored as Original?
Owner reported to be David Snook, Wichita, Kansas

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Pacific Greyhound Lines K2322
Western Greyhound Lines P-2322
Western Greyhound Lines 8022

Melni Charters 4705
Purchased from Greyhound Lines in 1975.
This bus may have been last Melni 4501 in fleet.
Coach has reportedly been used in these movies:
California Dreaming (1989);
What’s Love Got To Do With It (1990s);
The Love Field with Michelle Pfeiffer;
Major League with Charlie Sheen.
Additional research into movie appearances underway.

Preserved as Seated Coach
Owner: Rick Iees — Sauk Rapids, Minnesota
Purchased July 2001 from Melni Charters.
Mr. Iees was Supt. of Maint. for St. Cloud MTC
Bus was domiciled at above per Bus Ride 8/2003

Preserved as Seated Coach (New Owner)
Owner: Darwin ‘Butch’ Voigt, St. Cloud, Minnesota
Voigt is owner of Voigts Bus Service, St. Cloud, MN
Not Voigt Co. owned. Purchased 4/2004 from Rick Iees.

Preserved as Seated Coach (New Owner)
Owner: Sean Keating, Vancouver, British Columbia
Purchased from Butch Voigt in November 2005.
Restoration project, livery not yet determined.
Bus presently stored in Minnesota, to BC in 2006.

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