Great Lakes Greyhound Lines G-7263
Eastern Greyhound Lines E-9261
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4455
Southern Greyhound Lines 5302

Private Party Owner
Owner: William J. Beasley, Atlanta, Georgia

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Eastern Greyhound Lines E-5567
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4395

Note: E-5566 comes later

Owner Unknown

(For Sale (gmbusguy.com) 2010.05.08 "Fresh Rebuilt Detroit 8 v71, $ 4995.00 or best offer, let’s deal on this one")

2014.03.16: Bus confirmed to exist, owner John Schutte, no further information at this time.

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Eastern Greyhound Lines E-5565
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4393

Onka’s Bus Service 600
Owner: Onka’s Bus Service, Location Unknown
Sold in 1973 as a package with ((pd-4501-600|pd-4501-600)).

Chartwell Manor School (Mendham, NJ)
Missing Photo: Photo at unknown date and location.
Interior of bus was remodeled in 1975.
Lower level orange vinyl, upper level blue vinyl.
Bus reportedly in service through at least 1980.
Remained in Onka red and white with ((pd-4501-600|pd-4501-600)) through 1980.

Note: E-5566 comes later

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