Pennsylvania Greyhound Lines P-5509
Eastern Greyhound Lines E-5509
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4351

Used as model for Corgi Diecast. 1/50 Scale, Red Stripe livery, Boston marquee, Pre-release data, subject to change. Limited Edition.

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Southwestern Greyhound Lines S-131
Central Southwestern C-1419
Central Greyhound Lines 1419

Motor Home Conversion
Owner Unknown, California

Motor Home Second Conversion
Owner: Spencer Champion, Pine Mountain, Georgia
Purchased in California. Driven to Georgia, Undergoing second conversion, runs good.

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Pacific Greyhound Lines K-2226
Western Greyhound Lines P-2226
Central Southwestern C-1191
Central Greyhound Lines 1191

Burnt in Fire?
Owner: John Hitchcock, set for parting out, Per post in public forum. No more info.
Note: john also owned ((pd-4501-271|pd-4501-271)) or this is an error.

Owner: Owner confirmed as Musician Paul Davis.
Contact email sent through agent 11/21/2005.

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Pacific Greyhound Lines K-2225
Western Greyhound Lines P-2225
Central Southwestern C-1190
Central Greyhound Lines 1190

Owner: Mike Truitt, Parker, Colorado
Conversion in Progress, Drive train converted to 8V92TA & Allison 754

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Overland Greyhound Lines O-1720
Western Greyhound Lines P-2414
Western Greyhound Lines 8114

Unknown Bus Company (Washington State)
Sold to Fawcett Movie Cars about 1984.

Fawcett Movie Cars (Toronto, ON)
Photos courtesy of Fawcett Movie Cars, Toronto (2005) (photos missing)

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