Pacific Greyhound Lines K-2360
Western Greyhound Lines P-2360
Western Greyhound Lines 8139

Conversion Project?
Owner reported to be Rick Alexander.
Purchased in Texas, moved to Florida.
No more information known at this time.

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Eastern Greyhound Lines E-5647
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4520

Missing Photo: Gold Stripe 1960s Tin Toy (12 Inch)
Reason for use of this bus number is unknown

Missing Photo: Gold Stripe California Cruiser Tin Toy (7.5 inch)
Odd choice for California designation

H&L Bloom 300 (Taunton, MA)

Conversion Project
Owner: Don and Anne Richards, Mason, NH
Purchased from H&L Bloom Bus.
Owners also purchased ((pd-4501-964|pd-4501-964)).

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