Eastern Greyhound Lines E-5643
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4516
Southern Greyhound Lines 5348

Kelso / Ocean Beach Stage Lines

College Transport Bus
Owner: Johnson & Wales College, Rhode Island

Stored, Motor Seized
Owner: ABC Bus Lines, Providence, RI
Engine blown, clutch & flywheel missing.
Brakes frozen, wheels stuck in earth. Circa 1990.

Status Unknown
Owner: Wilson Bus Lines, East Templeton, MA
Possibly Parted Out

Owner: Don and Anne Richards, Mason, NH
Reportedly purchased as parts bus.
Also owns ((pd-4501-968|pd-4501-968)).

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Eastern Greyhound Lines E-5642
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4515
Southern Greyhound Lines 5347

Domenico Bus Service of NY 800 (NJ)

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Eastern Greyhound Lines E-5641
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4514
Southern Greyhound Lines 5346

Scott Brothers Bus Line 102 (New Jersey)

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Eastern Greyhound Lines E-5640
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4513

Possibly renumbered as GL 4329, see next entry.

RC Westway Stagelines 4329
Location unknown, possibly Southern California per phone number on bus
Int’l Air & Transport Admin. Code RCW, See list [http://www.giagroup.com/airline-codes.cfm|here].
No other information available about this carrier.

Preserved as Seated Coach
Owners: Knutson Family — Gila Bend, Arizona
Currently used as a parts bus for PD4501-491.
Purchased 1982 in Phoenix, Arizona. Seats intact.
Parked due to structural damage above rear wheels.
Bus is still painted in RC Westway Stages livery.

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