Florida Greyhound Lines F-713
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-158
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-5428
Southern Greyhound Lines 5428

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Florida Greyhound Lines F-712
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-157
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-5427
Southern Greyhound Lines 5427

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Florida Greyhound Lines F-711
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-156
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-5426
Southern Greyhound Lines 5426

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Central New York C-1090
Eastern Greyhound Lines E-1090
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4242

Reportedly Scrapped
Per Bus Historian. No additional info available.

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Central New York C-1089
Eastern Greyhound Lines E-1089
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4241
Executive Coach Special Service — Hartford, CT

MotorHome by Dixieland Converters
Reported as currently for sale in North Carolina
Source: Bus Conversion Magazine, 10-2005, $45,000
Owner reported elsewhere as John L. Goforth.

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Central New York C-1088
Eastern Greyhound Lines E-1088
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4240

Private Party Owner
Owner reported to be Ron Isenhath.
Info from public site. No more known.

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Central New York C-1087
Eastern Greyhound Lines E-1087
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4239

Note: Corgi issued 2000 of these in diecast 1/50 to Academy Products as a special order. Montreal sign.
Corgi #54411. Unlisted in Corgi 2005 catalogs. Issued for 50th Anniversary of Toronto-Montreal service.

First Baptist Church of Perrine (Miami, FL)
need "Photo at unknown location. March 1979."

Motor Home Conversion
Briefly listed on eBay August 5, 2005, then cancelled.
Seller: Onestopmotors.com Location: Grand Junction, CO
Item number 4567513226. Unknown if sold off eBay

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