VIN #: PD-4501-25,
Greyhound History:
Pennsylvania Greyhound Lines P-5449,
Eastern Greyhound Lines E-5449,
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4247,

Showsound, Inc. Dallas, TX

1975.06.?? – Singing Paynes, Abeline, TX

2009.12.?? – Mark Robinson Owenton, KY

“Kentucky Jamboree” traveling family band

2009.12.03 – For Sale – Ebay
Same family owner for 29 years.
8V71, 10 speed
Floor lowered.
Interior water damage.
Last ran 2007.06.??

Spotted: 2009.12.03 (per Tom McNally) in Owenton, KY

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  1. I worked on this bus yesterday.
    It is now in the St Louis area.
    The owners plan to fix it up, and put it back on the road

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