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Pennsylvania Greyhound Lines P-5546
Eastern Greyhound Lines E-5546
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4375

Converted to Motor Home, Owner Unknown, 1974.

In Use as Motor Home, Owner Unknown, sold in 1989.

In Use as Motor Home, Owner: Dave Bovee, Dover, New Hampshire
Body as original, repainted original blue & white.
Third owner after Greyhound. Purchased 1989.
Fleet number 1313 painted on door & elsewhere..

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1 comment to pd-4501-427

  • Dave Bovee

    PD 4501-427, a little added history for you.

    About 1974: Converted to motorhome by Donald DiSieno, I believe.
    About 1975: Bought by Don Wright who said he’d had it 14 years when he sold it to me. Don had another parts Scenicruiser (no idea which serial number) which he scrapped about the same time he sold 427.
    1989: Bought by me, Dave Bovee, fall 1989, continued using it as a motorhome.
    2011: Donated it to Commonwealth Coach and Trolley Museum, Roanoke VA. Exterior is now re-painted and lettered in the early ’60’s “gold stripe” livery. The interior awaits restoration. The hope is to return it to being a seated coach. I visit about once a year, doing a few days volunteer work on this or other buses.
    This bus may have been Greyhound unit #1313 at some point later in life… I found that number on the inside of the door when I removed old carpet, and also on a brass repair tag for some component, I cant remember which one.

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