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Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-176
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-213
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-5492
Southern Greyhound Lines 5492

This is the bus known as “Peacemaker II”.
Spliced ’49 General American Aerocoach onto Scenicruiser.
Drive train is a Detroit Diesel Series 60 with an Allison 4060 Transmission.

The Peacemaker II is painted in a 2-tone maroon and cream pattern.
It can sleep up to 24 with convertible bunks and 2 overhead lofts.
It is finished in cherry, ash, and other hardwoods, modeled after a wooden ship’s interior.
It has a stainless steel bathroom with shower in the front and a kitchenette in the rear.
The front destination marquee bears the bus’ name: “Peacemaker”.
Painted on the rear is the phrase: “We Know the Way, We’ll Bring You Home.”

Owner: 2006.00.00 (per Larry Clinton) Lancaster, New Hampshire.

Spotted: 2006.01.07 (per Dale Martin, via (Great Northwoods Journal) in Lancaster, New Hampshire.

Spotted: 2007.04.00 (per Larry Clinton) Lancaster, New Hampshire.
Major conversion completed.

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