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Richmond Greyhound Lines R-2185
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4413
Southern Greyhound Lines 5329

Auburn Adventist Academy (Washington State) (also owned pd-4501-803 and one other, number unknown)

Lloyd Scott, Cle Elum, Washington
Status: About 50% Converted. Windows cutout.
Motor in, will install peninsula windows after painting

Lloyd Scott: “Just completing the installation of a 3406 Cat and HT 740 transmission. When this is completed, raising the roof is next. Any advice on the roof project would be appreciated.”

Spotted: 2013.02.11 (>Stone) in Cle Elum, Washington

Owner: Al Scott, Cle Elum, Washington
exterior is done, interior is mostly bare (see pics)

18″ roof raise
raised the front windshield openings, later model glass (not sure where they came from, investigating, ordered brand new from portland)
everything is documented, bus comes with manuals

bus was done in cad before it was started, including plumbing and electrical.

tanks (black, grey, fresh) custom made to fit the original aisle.
new engine cradle, 3406 turbo cat with air throttle and jakes.
motor currently is set for ~ 350 horsepower

allison hd-740-d trans with electric shift, big hayden trans cooler (needs to be plumbed),

new driveline.

3.36 gears in the rear diff, all new.

brackets for 30/30 maxi cans (modern air brake cans) with automatic slack adjusters.

teardrop windows have been replaced (plexiglass) molds are in the bus.

very limited corrosion.

driver and passenger door windows are not factory.

all non stock windows are thermopanes.

alcoa aluminum rims.

manual valving to level bus from the drivers seat.

Photo Submission: 2014.01.08 (Tj Hoekstra) in Cle Elum, Washington

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3 comments to pd-4501-642

  • Mark Brandt

    Sure would like to know where is wonderful bus is now. Always wonder what became of it.

    • David Hume

      Hi Mark, we bought it from Al Scott late last year (Oct, ’18) and have moved it to Ellensburg, WA where we are continuing the work Al (and Lloyd Scott) put into it.

      So far we’ve cleaned up the interior, and are working on replacing the wood floors, wiring, and other mechanicals that have deteriorated having been exposed to the elements. We hope to have it running by June, and then will finish up the exterior chassis work before starting to convert the interior to a livable RV.

      Stay tuned!

  • Mark Brandt

    Thanks for the update David, hope to hear more in the future. Looks like you have a great start there the bus has great bones and the Scotts do good work. Hope to see her on the road one day. Hopefully one I’ll get one and be out there as well. If not a cruiser maybe a crown coach. All the best.

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