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Southwestern Greyhound Lines S-170
Central Southwestern C-1457
Central Greyhound Lines 1457

Marty Grove, Tulsa, OK

posted on e-bay:
2000 motorhome GMC Bus Diesel Allison 40 ft 2 bedroom

My bus was converted in 2000. It’s name is “ground force one”.
It began as a 1955 scenic cruiser bulk head and from there all aluminum skin was attached.
12 inch raise in the back third from original and front raised over 40 inches.
This coach is 40 feet long with dual rear axles (8 tires).
The reason why the bulk head was and is great is that it was made of aluminum and each panel is riveted to the next like an airplane.
The outside modern in appearance and is white with three different colors of stripes.
Engine-8v71 detroit turbo 450 hp (built in 2000).
Transmission is an allison 700 series automatic.
Generator is a powertech 15kw.
4 8-D batteries.
2500 Trace inverter.
Power conversion switch for plug in going from gen. To shore.
120 Gallon fresh and grey water tanks.
45 Gallon black water tank.
2 Basement coleman dual compressor air conditioners.
1 Inverted air conditioner unit under driver dash.
Front tires have 500 miles on them.
Rear tires have appx. 50,000 Miles.
Rear end rebuilt along with all brakes and seals when engine build.
Aluminum wheels front and outer rear only.
New radiator in 2000.
New air dryer and compressor in 2000.
All new hoses lines and belts in 2000.
Rebuilt cooling fan system all mechanical.
Bays have storage available of 8 by 2 by 4 and 5 by 3 by 4 (huge).
The inside of the coach is built with solid wood only.
Wilsonart solid surface dash, counters other pieces throughout.
Washer dryer, dish washer, convection oven microwave, refrigerator/freezer with ice maker, dual sinks, lots of storage, 2 electric burners stove top.
Living room is all sony with 20 inch tv, surround sound with dvd, cd, vhs.
All cabinets are oak faces and mostly coach trim.
Floors are vinyl that looks like grouted tile.
Bathroom is ceramic stool, corner tub and w/d.
Exhaust fan shared by bathroom and kitchen.
Rear bedroom is captains bed with closet and shelves below.
Drawers on both sides with steps up into bed.
The room above driver is big enough for a queen size mattress with storage .

If you are looking for a two bedroom condominium on 10 24 inch wheels then I highly recommend this coach.
The title is 1955 gmc (original) but as you can see by the pictures it is a work of art.
I designed this considering that access to components need be readily accessible.
Every thing works as you would expect.

I have to claim the mileage is truly unknown as when i received it there was no working odometer. Do not let that fool you because most everything has been replaced and the only things that are not did not need replacement. Any close calls and whatever it was i replaced it.

She has a flag on the front (l.plate) and rear both waiving.
If you have read this far i wish to thank you for spending your valuable time considering gf1.

Chad Goertz (Wed Jun 14, 2006 7:29 pm) “Phil, I have a feeling I know which one you are talking about on ebay. “Ground Force One” right? The scenic that was so bastardized into looking like a brand new stick and tin motorhome, the only thing that even remotely looked like a Scenic was the lower windshields. I emailed the owner and asked him politely (or at least as politely as an offended Chad can…) why he did this to a classic Scenic. He said it was because he liked the idea of “aluminum bulkheads..” Huh?”

Chad Goertz (Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:25 am) “They called it “Ground Force Zero”. I sent the seller a scathing email, that even to this day, I don’t regret. This guy took a Scenic, and spent well over $100k, to make it look like a brand new, sticks and staples motorhome. From the exterior, there was absolutely nothing that even hinted it was a scenicruiser. In fact, I questioned whether or not it even was. But alas, it was indeed, you could tell by the windshields. He raised the roof a foot or so, and raised the lower level roof even with the top. Then he put fiberglass caps on both the front and the rear, to really give it that “modern” look. So now the roofline is one level, front to back. To add insult to injury, he covered the entire exterior with fiberglass panels, to make it look like a new motorhome. In all reality, he could have taken the money he spent destroying this bus, and just bought the stick and staple shit box he really wanted, and not killed a Scenic. I asked him if he at least saved the glass, and he said he broke it all, and threw it away. I asked him why in the hell he needed a Scenicruiser to do this, and his reply was “I wanted to use something with aluminum bulkheads.” I asked him if he knew this was a rare bus, and he said he didn’t care, as it was better now. I told him any GM bus would have worked, hell, a 4905 would have been 10 times easier to do.

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1 comment to pd-4501-646

  • Well that’s indeed a masterpiece, no question about it. But I must agree with the opinion by someone else that it was so totally ovehauled, it didn’t resemble at all the classic/everlasting/legendary beauty of the superb PD-4105. I consider it a sort of “gothic beauty”, because of its rounded edges (side windows , winsdhield/rear window and sharp angles (side windows just before the access door/next to the winshield).
    Its inverted side window right next to the access door however, looks rather weird as well since it was placed upside down. I wonder whether that was the owner’s idea.
    I never had the chance to ride one,. but just by looking at it, you felt its ride would be cozy and joyful. I rode O4s and 06s of course, they were also great, but I bet nothing compared to the almighty 01. Well,. that’s my 2 cents 😉 .

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