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Southwestern Greyhound Lines S-108
Central Southwestern C-1304
Central Greyhound Lines 1304

Ironton High School in Ironton, Ohio.
Used for Fighting Tigers team bus, and was the envy Of many other Ohio sports teams.
Sold on eBay 2005. ($12,200)

Ash Dovel, Daytona Beach, Florida

Ash Dovel, upon discovering this site yesterday, was kind enough to send me some more details and images:

“It was in excellent mechanical condition at the time, but a little rough on the inside (Football shoe cleats!).”
“Restored back to the 1954 livery as close as possible.”
“It in now stored inside in South Daytona, FL and occasionally driven around the area and to car shows, always gets many lookers.”
“The interior is seated, although I left a few of the rear seats out for camping purposes.”
“Tom McNally sourced out the original manufacturer of the black cloth fabric in England, and my seats will soon have the original fabric on them.” (they are currently black leather)

greyhound scenicruiser pd-4501-74, 2009.05.09

greyhound scenicruiser pd-4501-74, 2009.05.09
the unobtainum tail light bezels discussed [here]
photo credit: Ash Dovel

“The tail light bezels are the originals from 1954 and are rarely seen, most of the originals are gone, many were lost when the engine change was made in the 1960’s. Tom McNally has been trying to have them reproduced but hasn’t had any luck so far.”

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