Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-199
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-247
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-5526
Central Southwestern C-1236
Central Greyhound Lines 1236
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4544

Owner: Shiloh Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia, bought from Greyhound.(Church Bus)

Owner: Bob (John) and Charlene Davis.
Bought from Shiloh Baptist Church, 1996.
Converted to Motor Home.

Owner: Brian Ray, Alexander City, Alabama.
Bought from the Bob and Charlene Davis estate, 2006.

Floor has been lowered, engine rebuilt, automatic transmission installed, windshields and teardrops are intact.
outside visible changes are rear window has been filled, head lights and tail lights have been modernized, side windows have been removed and square ones installed.
Upstairs conversion is finished, lower deck was in progress when bus was acquired.

For Sale: $17k

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