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Northland Greyhound Lines N-973
Central Greyhound Lines C-973
Central Southwestern C-1473
Central Greyhound Lines 1473

Conversion Project?
Owner reported as Lewis Kramer, location unknown.
Floor lowered, no more info available.


pd-4501-805, sold on ebay, 2013.01.27 @ 08:37:31 pst for $4,475.00

pd-4501-805, sold on ebay, 2013.01.27 @ 08:37:31 pst for $4,475.00

Sold on Ebay:
Location: Island Lake, Illinois
Ended: Jan 27, 201308:37:31 PST

Up for auction at NO RESERVE PRICE: 1956 GMC Greyhound Scenicruiser bus. Serial number 805 out of 1001 ever built between 1954-1956. Clear Illinois RV title. Professionally installed: New (not rebuilt) 8V-71 Detroit Diesel engine. (318 hp) and 740 Allison automatic transmission. Upper deck floor lowered (removed sunken aisle) to provide smooth surface for RV conversion, and added head-room. The floor lowering and auto. trans install are expensive, labor intensive projects that take expert engineering skills. Since those items are already completed, that makes this conversion shell very attractive. All this work was completely in Dallas, Texas in the early 1990s by a reputable repair shop. Unfortunately, former owners did not keep any of that documentation. I have however, known of this bus, what was done to it, and trust the opinions of many within the hobby that have reported repair info about this particular coach. Engine last ran in 2009 (like yesterday for a Detroit diesel) I have personally seen Detroit’s that sat for 15+ years and start and run just fine. Please see for more photos. Be sure to see the running engine video on the 2nd page (marked as older posts) of the blog page.

Also see: for lots more photos.

Bus air suspension rises as it should. Air beams appear solid. Air bags not plated. Air tanks look good. Other suspension hardware looks good. Factory installed power steering with no obvious leaks. Radiator tanks and core look good with no obvious leaks or rot. Two 8d batteries of unknown age. Better plan on replacement. Original gear-driven 50 DN alternator. Electrical system will need refurbished, as part of RV conversion completion. Original belt driven radiator cooling fan gear-box looks good, with no obvious leaks. Modified headlamps. Some exterior marker light lens replaced with NOS (glass lens.) Fuel tank looks solid, with no obvious leaks. Please see photos for condition of glass. Some extra side-sash windows included. 4 factory installed skylights replaced with sunroofs. Those will need new gaskets. 22.5” aluminum rims (on front) steel rims on rear. Most tires show weather cracks, and are old. All hold air, but strongly advise new tries, or haul bus. Upper deck walls insulated with spray foam, and partially covered in aluminum. Some lower deck plywood will need replaced. Dash complete, but disassembled. Please see photos for body condition. Have lower baggage bin doors. (See photos for condition). All baggage bin doors will need rubber hinges replaced. Entry door opens/closes properly, as it should.

I am selling this coach for a friend. Like the owner, I really want to find a good home for this project. This Scenic has great potential to be a first class motor home, when finished. A few words about myself: I currently own 4 antique coaches (including 2 Scenicruisers). The Scenicruiser hobby is growing, and involves a close group of people who are very generous, and truly enjoy helping each other out. I keep very careful serial number/ownership records of all surviving Scenicruisers. I have owned several other antique coaches over the past 15 years. I have many contacts in the hobby, and have many outlets for parts availability. (Including many reproduction parts that we have made as a group.) Myself, and co-author, Fred Rayman have written a book about the Scenicruiser that will be available March 1, 2013. My website is: Another valuable resource to consider is: to attend a National Antique Bus Show I am promoting in Blytheville, Arkansas April 4-6, 2013. This will be a great opportunity to meet like-minded enthusiasts, and see many examples of nicely converted antique coaches (including several Scenicruisers). The event website is:

Tom McNally

Bus is located in Island Lake, Illinois 60042 (50 miles north-west of Chicago). Please email or call with questions prior to bidding. (847) 926-9650 This is a NO RESERVE auction, which means if you are the high bidder at auction end, YOU OWN IT! $500 NON-REFUNFABLE PAYPAL deposit due within 24 hours of auction end. Balance due within 7 days of auction end. Only CASH, or certified bank cashier’s check will be accepted. NO PERSONAL CHECKS.Buyer to pay and arrange for all shipping of vehicle. Bus must be removed from property within 60 days of auction end. Vehicle sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS, with NO WARRANTIES. Thanks and good luck bidding.

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