Pacific Greyhound Lines K-2333
Western Greyhound Lines P-2333
Western Greyhound Lines 8033

Parts Bus
Owner: Tom Harris, Modesto, California
Details unknown.
Tom also owns pd-4501-566.

Peter Govorchin tells me:
Somewhere around 1982 (if you have more details, please contact me [here] -stone) Scenicruiser pd-4501-831 was being moved, (possibly from the Melni satellite lot in Lompoc, ca.)

On highway 101 just south of the Gaviota Pass (North of Santa Barbara) pd-4501-831 shut down, stopped, and was subsequently rear ended, by a Buick containing 4 persons.
It was a foggy day and the car didn’t see the bus. The parked bus was struck at 70MPH and all in the car were killed.

Peter Govorchin had her for a while. she was attacked by scrapper vandals in Oakland, CA and from there went to Coach Maintenance, Williams, CA, where it provided parts for David Pagel‘s restoration of pd-4501-826

Owner: Ted Campbell (Coach Maintenance, Williams, CA)

pd-4501-831, @ Coach Maintenance in Williams, CA (Photo by unknown)
pd-4501-831, @ Coach Maintenance in Williams, CA (Photo by unknown)

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