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Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-2243
Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-6441
Great Lakes greyhound Lines G-6441
Eastern Greyhound Lines E-6441
Eastern Greyhound Lines 4525

Kaiser’s Garage, Oak Harbor, WA.

Owner: Sylverstone, Olympia, WA. (Purchased June, 30, 2005)

pd-4501-864, 2005.08.27 in Coupeville, Washington (Photo by Stone)

pd-4501-864, 2005.08.27 in Coupeville, Washington (Photo by Stone)

Bus was promptly taken to Luke @ US Coach in Berlin, NJ for a "shakedown cruise". After Luke checked it out, it was driven back to Washington.

2008.01.08: Moved to Lacey, Wa, to start conversion.

2010.12.01: Moved to Tacoma, Wa, to start engine swap.
Planned is a mid engine Series 60 Detroit, and a 13 speed Eaton Fuller Autoshift.

pd-4501-864, 2010.12.01 in Lacey, Washington (Photo by Stone)

pd-4501-864, 2010.12.01 in Lacey, Washington (Photo by Stone)

2010.12.19: In the shop in Tacoma, Wa.
Cleanup has started 🙂

pd-4501-864, 2012.12.19 in Tacoma, Washington (Photo by Stone)

pd-4501-864, 2012.12.19 in Tacoma, Washington (Photo by Stone)

Owner is looking for package rack parts.

you would think that, as the owner of this site, i would start with mine right?
lol, no such luck 🙁

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3 comments to pd-4501-864

  • Alan Hull

    I own a PD 4501. I cannot remember the serial number, but it was last running about 15 years ago until a home construction project got in the way of conversion tasks. I managed to get the seats out, the toilet removed, and coach air conditioning out but that is as far as I got. I did purchase brand new upper and lower windshields but not installed. Since it has been sitting (up on blocks to save the air bags) for so long, is there any hope the engine can be restored? The engine had only 20K miles on it when it was parked. I suspect the electrical system with relays are totally shot. It looks like your Coach was parked a long time also prior to restoration work, so how did the coach get transported to NJ? Was it driven?

    Right now, I am trying to decide if it would be better to part the old girl out and just start over with another coach that is a lot newer. What are your thoughts on this?

    • i know of a lot of buses that sat longer, and then were driven cross country shortly after.
      i wouldn’t scrap one unless it was unsaveable.

      it’s a commercial rig. if it turns over, and has fuel and air, it’ll start.
      if it starts, it should air up.
      i would make sure the brakes are up to snuff, and then move it around a bit to make sure it stops, then drive it.

  • jon banquer

    yo stone!

    Sorry to go here but you have no posted contact info. I can see why, today’s internet is pretty bad.

    Just wondering about a scenic I owned for a few years – it was a number over the 500 mark, 686 or 868 or something like that, but can’t remember exactly. I had it in Marin for several years, then a guy bought it up either in Oregon or Washington.

    It had been a charter bus in Detroit, the guys who owned it had smooth-skinned it. I don’t think they did that for fun, maybe corrosion problems in Detroit ? But it looked nice that way. Otherwise it hadn’t been butchered or the roof raised or any of that junk.

    Motor was weak when I bought it – drove it back from Detroit (had a big toolkit with me – two screwdrivers and a 6″ crescent wrench) and of course it snowed when I got there to pick it up – in May, I think 🙂 Big adventure but the bus handles great. That extra pair of tires on the back makes a lot of difference, and the brakes were better than my car (that probably says something about my car.) I always thought of it as a sportsbus 🙂

    Big fun. If you’ve seen it around up where you are, shoot me a note ?

    thanks !


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