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Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-866
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-273
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-5552
Southern Greyhound Lines 5552

Spotted: 2014.06.02 (per Jim Hill)
Location: Fayetteville, Tennesee.

“It has been sitting under a shed for about twenty years. I have no idea if it will start and I don’t know enough about it to try. My original plan was to scrap it, but after researching these old buses I thought it better to offer it for sale so that it could be saved if possible. It was converted many years ago but would need a complete renovation to be livable. The body is in pretty good shape. One of there side windows at the rear it broken. I am about to start cleaning the old furniture out of it and I may go ahead and strip everything out. It was lived in daily for approximately 15 years but has been sitting empty for the last 7 years.”
“She is a little rough looking but certainly fixable.”

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