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Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-2264
Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-6461
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-5396
Southern Greyhound Lines 5396

Deluxe Motor Stages (Detroit, MI)
Missing Photo: Photo and unknown location and date.
Bus was eventually involved in a front-end collision.

Preserved as MC-9 Mule
Owner Unknown, Location Unknown.
Missing Photo: View of Front End Capped with Modern MC-9 Parts
Missing Photo: View of Rear End Capped with Modern MC-9 Parts
Missing Photo: Interior lower-deck view, modern seat styling

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2 comments to pd-4501-998

  • Michael Pavlick

    Hi There, just a 4501 follower when I can. I chartered # 998 for a one day trip to Niagara Falls while it was owned by Deluxe Motor Stages from Warren, Michigan. The driver was a part timer who had worked midnights Friday night and we had him drive us up to the falls where he partied all day with a couple of hmmm, ladies. And without sleep drove us back after falling asleep several times on the 401. Safely made it back to Warren, by the grace of God. Now all that aside, Deluxe sold that bus to a church in Metro Detroit unfortunately I can’t remember where I saw her sitting as flat to the ground as the old girl could get with air in her tires rear of a church parking lot. I would guess that was probably the owner when the front end damage occurred because she was all GMC nose when I rode in her.
    Just like the one I rode on back in 1962.

  • jon banquer

    yo Stone!

    I bet this is the one I owned. I bought it from Deluxe in Detroit and drove it back to California, I don’t think they had more than one ? Fred Rayman would know, I bought a manual from him and talked to him when I bought it. He kept a list of existing Scenics, I think. I am afraid to ask if he is still with us 🙁

    Perhaps the “front end collision” was the reason for the re-skin ? But I am puzzled by the remark “preserved as MC-9 mule” ? As of about 1995 maybe ? it was complete, running, sold to a guy in either Portland or Seattle. I *think* Portland. It got trailered up there, scared me to death becasue it was C.O.D. for $5,000 and the deliver guy “forgot” to collect.

    The guy paid tho, so that turned out okay. The top deck was stripped but not damaged, lower deck was stock.

    Shoot me a note if you know anything more about her … not sure why, but curious. It was a fun bus 🙂

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