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Scenicruiser print advertisement – “every mile a magnificent mile”

Scenicruiser print advertisement – “every mile a magnificent mile

Scenicruiser print advertisement – “oil painting”

scenicruiser print advertisement "oil painting"

Scenicruiser print advertisement – “explore this amazing america”

explore this amazing america


Emergency Rear Door Prototype
Also known as GM EXP 331, Built 1953

Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-2267
Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-6464
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-5399
Southern Greyhound Lines 5399
Still on Greyhound Roster Spring 1974.

Owner: Gordon Phalzgraf, Belpre, Ohio

Phalzgraf owns ((pd-4501-536|pd-4501-536)), ((pd-4501-997|pd-4501-997)), and ((pd-4501-1001|pd-4501-1001)).

Good condition, but no powerpack. Searching for one.
Currently under discussions to be brought into Chicagoland Historical Bus Museum.
Bus to remain as seated coach when completed.

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Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-2266
Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-6463
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-5398
Southern Greyhound Lines 5398

Unknown Bus Company
Missing Photo: Photo taken Oct. 15, 1982 at Washington, DC

Restoration Project
Owner: Commonwealth Coach & Trolley Museum
Status: Recently acquired, rough shape, no engine.
CC&T is the Official Transit Museum of Virginia, located in Roanoke, and operates to serve non-profit groups after restorations take place.
They currently have over two dozen buses in their collection, including ((pd-4501-0572|pd-4501-0572)).

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Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-2265
Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-6462
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-5397
Southern Greyhound Lines 5397

The Spurrlows Gospel Choir? (1968-1975)
Confirmed this group owned a "double decker bus".
On tour to High Schools nationwide as part of Chrysler sponsored tour to promote driver education.
Bus followed by semi and cars with Chrysler logos, publicity shots feature truck, not bus, as found so far.
Missing Photo: Photo taken in 1974 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-2264
Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-6461
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-5396
Southern Greyhound Lines 5396

Deluxe Motor Stages (Detroit, MI)
Missing Photo: Photo and unknown location and date.
Bus was eventually involved in a front-end collision.

Preserved as MC-9 Mule
Owner Unknown, Location Unknown.
Missing Photo: View of Front End Capped with Modern MC-9 Parts
Missing Photo: View of Rear End Capped with Modern MC-9 Parts
Missing Photo: Interior lower-deck view, modern seat styling

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Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-2263
Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-6460
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-5395
Southern Greyhound Lines 5395

Owner: Gordon Phalzgraf, Belpre, Ohio
Good condition, but no powerpack.
Bus to remain as seated coach.
Phalzgraf owns ((pd-4501-0536|pd-4501-0536)), ((pd-4501-997|pd-4501-997)), and ((pd-4501-1001|pd-4501-1001)).

Owner: Zeb Aaron, Mounds, Oklahoma

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Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-2262
Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-6459
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-5394
Southern Greyhound Lines 5394

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Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-2261
Atlantic Greyhound Lines A-6458
Southeastern Greyhound Lines M-5393
Southern Greyhound Lines 5393

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